"What’s most striking about DuoBall is the slick level design. At the start of each stage, the path to victory is clear immediately, but the core mechanic actually hinders, rather than facilitates, your ability to get there. It’s less You vs. The Environment as it is You vs. Your Own Brain. I suppose most puzzle games follow this sort of structure, but as hinted at before, I’d hesitate to call DuoBall a puzzle game, necessarily. There’s nothing to solve other than your own sense of coordination."
- Indiestatik
"Relations is the kind of game that you get out of it what you put in. Specifically, what you need to put into it is thought. I’ve tinkered around with it, because its mechanics are not obvious, and due to that, it feels like a toy that you need to turn around in your hands a little to find all of its functions. I’m not sure how deep the game is itself, but my suspicions are that it isn’t on the same level as something like Starseed Pilgrim, for example, but the symbolic design is emergent in very much the same way."
- Indiestatik
"I seem to be stuck at a crossroads, as in the level is called Crossroad, and I’m stuck in a dimension incompatible with the kind of spatiality my brain can even fathom. Not to mention I’m trapped in this measly two-dimensional form, which is kind of a bummer when you’re trying to traverse a hypercube. Alex is a game by Holger Borum, a man with a name as magnificent as his games are brain-melting. And while Alex itself may be an ordinary name, it certainly isn’t an ordinary game."
- Indiestatik

Among the top 50 free games of 2013 according to Indiestatik.