Cover Blown

"In a dark and terrifying but not so distant future, a small team of hard-boiled cops is investigating what appears to be the murder mystery of the century.

A case that seemed like a trivial, coffee and doughnuts, investigation has evolved into a case of horrifying lies and deception. Who is trying to cover up the murder? Who can i trust? Those are the questions leaving the the cops in a state of despair. In other words, a rotten apple spoils the barrel.

Do you master the technique of deduction required to take on the role of a hard-boiled cop? Do you have what it takes to blow the cover? Do you dare to draw first?.. One thing's for sure! There will be blood!"

Cover blown is a board game with the central mechanic of hidden information. An app is used to give informations to the players which let the game have a quite complex information scheme without a game master role.
The game will be a further development of my groups semester project at ITU game design course.

Team: Jonas Venzel Hingeberg Madsen, Carl Johan Hanberg & Mathias Munk Ulrich.

More information will come at some point!